20 Aug

If you or a family member is held in custody for being on the wrong side of immigration laws, the option mostly is to seek an immigration bail bond so that you can secure temporary freedom while you wait for the start of the court session.  For you to get an Immigration Bond arizona,  there are certain immigration conditions you must meet. ICE which in full stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement is the body legally mandated to not only arrest and hold people who break the country’s immigration laws.

 ICE has the authority to let arrested individuals free if they can be positively and personally recognized and when it happens there will be no need immigration bonds.  But when the immigration personnel at the ICE and immigration judge has made a decision on the immigration bond amount to pay and it is time limit, you must move fast to see what to pay as you look at your options.  Highlighted below are vital things about immigration bail bonds which will come in handy in winning a favorable outcome in your case.

There are two main types of immigration bonds and that is delivery bond and voluntary departure bond which are available for illegal immigrants detained in the ICE provided the accused is not a threat to public safety and national security.  Illegal immigrants detained by ICE can qualify for a delivery bail bond based depending on the findings of an immigration judge and the decision of the ICE as an agency. If you are given a  delivery bond, It is important required that you be served with arrest warrant together with the custody conditions notice by the ICE.

 Delivery bond is mainly granted to compel the accused immigrant to attend the immigration proceedings. It also gives the accused to be with their family and possibly with their attorney while they wait for the court proceedings.

  A voluntary departure bail bond is often granted by the immigration judge and ICE officials when the immigrant is permitted to leave at their own expense and within a specified period. The departure bond is refundable upon jetting out of the country and is forfeited if the immigrant fails to leave as directed.

The ICE officials and immigration judges decide the bond amount after putting several factors such as criminal history, immigration status, employment situation, family ties, and employment situation. If the judge and ICE consider the accused as a high flight risk, the immigration bond can be set a higher amount. Learn more on this page about getting the immigration bail bond New York.

 You can pay the immigration bonds in two major ways namely surety bond and the cash bail bond. The friends and family members of the illegal immigrant may work with immigration bail bond agents to help secure the bond payment. You may need to check out this article to get more info on the topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bail_in_the_United_States.

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